What Your Sun Sign Reveals About How You Handle Stress

Sun Sign Reveals How You Handle Stress

Stress and Your Sun Sign

2015 is proving to be as exciting as predicted, and with excitement usually comes stress. Those adrenaline rushes that get us in the mood for love, war, and everything we have to accomplish, take their toll in a world where we also have to remain cool and professional.

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Powerful planetary interactions reflect our high level of daily stress as they “face off” in the sky. They also offer clues to what each Sun Sign should look for as a stressor and your best coping techniques:


Nobody loves an adrenaline rush more than you. But even you’ve been tested over the past years with the endless surprises in your life and some downright shocking secret enemies raising their heads. Take the smart approach to these issues by finding fun outlets to release any frustrations. Sex, sports and artistic work can save the day.


Stress doesn’t fit well into the quality of life that you enjoy and it’s a genuine annoyance. You’re wise enough to know that we’re on this planet to enjoy it in all its beauty and love, so those who don’t get that really don’t belong in your world. If you can keep spending within your limits in 2015, your stress levels should be manageable.

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Partners are being demanding and a bit of a downer, while confusion seems to grasp people around you. For a Gemini who’s used to dancing through life with a good deal of clarity and fun, these elements are a source of stress. The summer months will bring some relief, so use that time to recognize that the aggravation offers opportunities to grow in compassion.


Managing stress should be a major focus in every Cancer’s life, as you’re so sensitive to everything flowing around you. You are such a treasure when you feel love and harmony, offering truly amazing insights and loving comfort to others. So find a quiet place for you to connect with nature and peace. Make it clear to others that you need that time to recharge.

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Since you are so often in the spotlight and others look to you for confidence and energy, your biggest challenge in stress management is to avoid hiding your own fears and doubts. Even though this year should find you feeling mostly positive about life, “stuffing it” when you’re in need doesn’t work. Learn to ask for support when you’re overwhelmed and 2015 will be your best year ever.


You’re beginning to wonder if everyone has moved to the ozone layer and you’ve been left to maintain the entire planet. Your capable hands and mind are a blessing until you feel buried by others’ assumptions that you’ll handle everything. Here’s something new to try to relieve stress: the next time someone gives you a project, hand it back or at least share the workload. Continue that practice and you’ll soon be breathing easier.


About those rude and unreasonable people who have been driving you to the end of your rope: It’s time to cut the cord and realize that they are creating their own problems. There are worse things than upsetting others, like failing to honor yourself and your needs. Watch the stress level go as you release negative people and let the good guys in.


Now that your career is really gaining traction from all that hard work, you find others believing in you. Seize those opportunities without allowing yourself to be overwhelmed. Part of time management is not letting enthusiasm carry you beyond what’s possible. Setting realistic goals makes life improve and stress levels disappear.


Your usual enthusiasm has been feeling depleted over the past few months. Others have had moments of being negative or even downright nasty and it’s thrown you a bit. When their issues start to get you down, take time to address your own health, and use exercise for stress relief. A peaceful run or walk can release the weight of others’ problems and fears.


You’re the ultimate long-range planner, and you’re great at it. But the unbelievable upheavals the world has been experiencing have put you in the position of reinventing yourself and your objectives more than you’d like. Relieve the stress by making it fun to always have a Plan B in your back pocket or on that goal board on the wall.

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It’s funny. You love running on the cutting-edge and aren’t afraid of change, but you want solid ground under your feet as you explore new horizons. When you feel like your life is a little out of control and stress takes hold, set up some time with friends or family who love you. Then relax in your mutual reassurance and love.


When you find yourself in an ugly situation, whether it’s trolls in cyberspace or friends being cruel, thoughtless and selfish (to you or anyone else) you are genuinely distressed. Use a little music therapy on yourself, go to a beautiful, inspiring film or just take a walk on the beach to reconnect with the strength within you.

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